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Brandon Cook for U.S. House of Representatives - Wisconsin District 3 - 2018

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✔️ Conservative Republican
✔️Candidate for the Red White and Blue Collar Families of Wisconsin and America
✔️Give Voice to Hard Working Families, Seniors, Millennials, and All Ethnicities
✔️Cut Spending.  Cut Taxes.  Cut Regulations. 
✔️Defend Individual Freedom, Family Values, Common Sense, and Strong Military

When YOU elect me, I will not forget it is YOU who I represent.  With your support and votes, I will serve YOU in D.C. with honesty, integrity, transparency, and an open door policy. I genuinely want to hear from the families of the 3rd District.  I will personally answer each and every one of your concerns and not with some auto-generated email.  

Isn’t that what a “Representative” is supposed to do? 

For too long, we have had career politicians who grow government’s stranglehold over our lives, our jobs, our pocketbooks, our families, and our freedoms.  They go to Washington or Madison and grow government; they do not defend our freedoms or fight for our right to self-governance.  I know most Wisconsinites desire to do right by our families and communities.  I believe in our Wisconsin values of independence, a strong work ethic, and decency toward others. 

Our Founding Fathers envisioned lay representatives who worked regular jobs and were from all walks of life.  The Constitution was framed with the part-time politicians in mind, where it was an act of service, not entitlement, to be an elected representative of our States, Country, and fellow Americans. 

I have always been a blue collar worker and am very proud of that fact. I do not come from a family with money. I have worked hard for everything I have. I know, like too many of us know, how it feels to live paycheck to paycheck trying to make ends meet. I have had to live my life on a budget, just like your families.  We need common sense people elected to office who know what it means to live within our means and don’t look at our (forced) sacrificed tax dollars as their personal slush funds. 

This is why I run.  This is exactly why I am the right candidate to be able to help your families voices be heard again over the career politicians and bureaucrats in Washington.

Cook for US House
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