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I am Brandon Cook and I am a hard-working American patriot and proud Wisconsin citizen.  

I grew up in a small town and went to school in a building that housed grades K-12.  I did well in school, got along with everyone, and participated in sports.  I was a dedicated team player then and now, knowing the value of working together to win and supporting each other when we don’t. 

Growing up with 3 other brothers, I also learned to get along as well as brothers do.  As the oldest in my family, life was busy and there was much to be done, but I always tried to step up and help.  While still a teenager, I volunteered as President at a teen youth center that held dances for local teenagers.  All who attended had a good time and there was very little fighting or disharmony.

I have lived a well-rounded life. As an adult, I expected to work, provide for my family, and continue to contribute as a member of my communities.  Like most Americans, I married, had children, and wanted the best for my family.  I love my 5 children and am proud to be a dad to my 4 daughters and 1 son (3 of my own and 2 step children).  I enjoy a lot of family activities and adventures.  I take my responsibilities as a provider for my family seriously.  I always make time for my children and make sure that they have what they need.

As a trucker the past 14 years, running for office is not a job I envisioned, although I have always had an interest in politics.  All of my prior work has led me to now.  I knew I had to step up to run and work to win your vote as your next US Congressional Representative.  As I have driven countless miles across our country, I know our greatness lies within us — each American who is more alike than we are different. I have thought what a day without truckers would be like, as we move America’s goods 24/7 and 365 days a year, but we are just one group in the great American workforce whose effort, time, and talents go into all of those products and services.  

As President Trump works to Make America Prosperous Again, I want to represent the proud people of Wisconsin who value a job well done and an honest days wage.  And I want to champion you keeping more of the money you make.  We waste way too much.  Let’s make government being frugal and resourceful with our money great again!   

I am an America First candidate and pro-Trump agenda like the rest of my Wisconsin District 3 who voted overwhelmingly red to elect our President.  I will fight to make our family's voices be heard over the noise of the political elite and career politicians in Washington. I will remain true to my integrity and will not be forced to vote for or back a bill that does not meet our moral values and is not good for Wisconsin citizens or the American people.


Cook for US House
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