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Americans are rediscovering our greatness as a nation and freedoms as individuals. Elections 2018 are about continuing to build this movement here is Wisconsin and across the country.  The issues I care about are the ones that matter to you.  If you don’t see an issue that is a concern to you please feel free to contact me.

Campaign Promises

I will only promise what I know I can deliver.


Our military is our first and last line of defense.

2nd Amendment Rights

Pro gun candidate for better reporting to the NICS federal database.


Our Veterans are our Nation’s treasures.

Law Enforcement Officers

The war on law enforcement officers has to be stopped.


Free and reciprocal trading that is good for our country and for our workers need to be of high importance. Having trade deficits with counties is unfair to our families and is killing our job growth. Jobs Jobs Jobs has to be our main focus.

Gun control

Gun control starts at home with each of us.

School Safety

Schools should not be gun free zones. Licensed and trained staff should be allowed to carry guns to protect their students  and our children. There is plenty of retired law enforcement officers and military veterans that would be willing to take on this task.

Gun Free Zones

Gun free zones should be banned and outlawed. They do not make us less likely to be attacked by a gun. Soft targets are just asking for trouble and make it easier to complete the intended task. Allowing law abiding citizens to carry guns allows for an immediate response to the attack.


I am a Pro-life candidate.

Health Care

Repeal and replace.

Government Spending

Government spending is out of control.

Regulations and Rules

Regulations and rules can be good but need to be researched and explained.


Infrastructure is the heart and soul of our Nation and needs our attention critically.


The transportation industry in America is vital to our Nation’s success.

Term Limits

I am a firm believer of term limits.

Social Security

Social Security is not an entitlement and is owned to our Senior Citizens.

Welfare Reform

Welfare reform is a must and needs to happen to allow our families to prosper.


Our country needs immigration but it has to be legal immigration.

LGBT Rights

All men(meaning people) are created equal under God. That being said all citizen should have the same rights. Regardless of the sexual preference.


I will not vote for any type of tax increase if at all possible. Government spending needs to be controlled first and cuts to unnecessary programs. Our families have to live on a budget and we expect our government to do the same.


Marijuana should be decriminalized and left to the states to decide if they want to allow sales and use. Both federal and state taxes will be placed on sales and permit fees will be collected at both levels. Proceeds from this can be used in education or infrastructure programs. Also could be added funding to help among addictions of related programs such as heroin and other barbiturates.

Border Security

Securing our border is vital to our National Security to allow our Nation to be prosperous.


I commit that I will work across the aisle with all members of the House. A house divided against itself cannot stand.


Education is the key to our children’s and our Nation’s future prosperity.

Trump Agenda

100% Pro Trump agenda candidate. I will work every day to forward the agenda of the President Trump as long as it stays with in the constitution. 

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