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Gun control

Gun control is an important issue to all families in America.

Gun control starts at home with us. It is important to teach our children and families at an early age to respect guns and human life. Teaching these two things side by side will insure our families will learn gun safety properly and respect the rights we have been given.

Banning certain guns or gun accessories or changing the age to buy a gun will not stop people from attaining them. No new laws with stop criminals from getting guns or their accessories. There will always be a way to get them either on the street or on the black market.

I'm a firm believer that a third party should be assembled to research methods to remove guns from criminals that should not have them. Implementing a stop and frisk law like they did in New York City might be a great tool for our law enforcement officers to help make our neighborhoods safer.

Enforcing our current laws on the books now is vital. Harshest punishment possible would make offender thing twice about braking the laws.

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