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The infrastructure of this country is our only means to travel it. 

As a truck driver I have seen every aspect of our Nation’s infrastructure.

This is by far our greatest weakness as a Nation. Our infrastructure is failing in so many aspects from our roads to our ports. Recently we have seen to many major infrastructure failures. Honestly one is too many. 

Why does it take a failure or lost of life to get this noticed. It seams like the only time something is done or taken seriously is when there is a death. 

There is safety measures that are in place so this does not happen. Are we just looking the other way when we are warned?

Major improvements need to be made in all aspects of our infrastructure. We have roads and bridges that are in need of major repairs or in some cases totally replaced. We have airports that need updating and repairs. Railways that need safety measures to be put in place and we need Congress to stop delaying that from happening. We have that need to be repaired and updated. The list goes on and on so why are we not doing anything about it?

The system for getting infrastructure improvements approved needs to be streamlined so it does not take years for these projects to get approved and work started. In many cases these problems do not have years to wait to be repaired or replaced.

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