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Safety is the transportation industry’s main goal in successfully transporting our families needs across our Nation.

The transportation industry is one of the most regulated industry in America. Just the truck drivers handbook known as the Green Book is 608 pages long, now there is also a pocket version of this that at current is 624 pages and is updated monthly. Now this book is just for general safety regulations just for driving there is also book for each separate aspect of the trucking industry. There is also similar book for each section of the transportation industry. Now some of these regulations are very well thought out and a good for all parties involved. In some cases they are not so well planned out and are very burdensome for owners, operators and citizens alike.

Panels in each of the groups within this industry need to be assembled and all regulations need to be carefully reviewed and discussed. Within each of these panels which should consist of no less then twenty members, members from every aspect of that group need to be represented. Congressional oversight must also be involved in this process. This same principle should take place before any and all new rules or regulations are to be imposed.

A complete repeal of the ELD mandate needs to take place. The ELD mandate is unsafe for not only the drivers but for our families as well.

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